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AML/CFT General Awareness

Fintelekt Certificate Course on AML/CFT General Awareness

The Fintelekt AML/CFT General Awareness course is an industry-reviewed professional resource developed specifically for front-line and customer facing staff of banks and financial institutions and is aimed to help them to gain the required knowledge about AML/CFT from an educational, regulatory and ethical perspective, as well as to comply with mandatory training guidelines laid down by regulators.

Learning Objectives
Course Content
Learning Format
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  • Educate front-line and customer-facing staff on fundamental concepts related to AML, KYC and CFT
  • Make staff aware of red flag indicators and suspicious behaviour that may be experienced when dealing with customers
  • Understand the reporting actions to be taken by the individual and the institution

The AML/CFT General Awareness Course is a generic course which is suitable for participants from any country and from any industry.

Country- specific customised versions of the course are currently available for India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The content can be customised to incorporate the regulatory framework and requirements of any other country.

Industry-specific customised courses are also available for banking, insurance, mutual funds, capital markets, currency exchange houses and non-banking finance companies. Please write to us at for more details.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction and Regulatory Background
  • Understanding Acts, Authorities and Reporting Obligations
  • Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Related Terms
  • KYC Guidelines and Policies
  • Customer Acceptance
  • Customer and Transaction Monitoring
  • Identifying Potentially Suspicious Behaviour
  • Case Studies
This course is available as an annual Enterprise License and can be used to train all employees of the organisation on AML/CFT General Awareness.
For pricing and other details, please contact:
Karishma Dattani
Project Manager
: +91-9370078917
  • E-Learning access to the Course Content (Approximate duration: 2 hours)
  • Online Examination

An average learner takes about two hours to read the course material. The examination takes another 30 minutes.

For more information, please connect with:

Karishma Dattani
Project Manager
: +91-9370078917