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Anti-Fraud General Awareness

Fintelekt Certificate Course on Anti-Fraud General Awareness

Awareness on fraud should be an on-going effort for banks and financial institutions, especially with new fraud typologies being discovered frequently. The Fintelekt Certificate Course on Anti-Fraud General Awareness aims at enhancing the knowledge of the workforce in the area of fraud awareness and prevention.

Learning Objectives
Course Content
Learning Format
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  • Improving employees’ understanding as well as motivation to fight fraud
  • Managing and mitigating the organisational fraud risk – both internal and external
  • Increasing the compliance to legal and regulatory obligations to detect, prevent and report fraud

The Anti-Fraud General Awareness Course is a generic course which is suitable for participants from any country and from any industry.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to financial fraud
  • Consequences of fraud
  • Different types of frauds
  • Heightened fraud risks due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Red flag indicators associated with suspicious transactions
  • Fraud management framework
  • Case Studies

This course is available as an annual Enterprise License and can be used to train all employees of the organisation on Anti-Fraud General Awareness.

For pricing and other details, please contact:

Karishma Dattani
Project Manager
: +91-9370078917


  • E-Learning access to the Course Content (Approximate duration: 2 hours)
  • Online Examination

An average learner takes about two hours to read the course material. The examination takes another 30 minutes.

For more information, please connect with:

Karishma Dattani
Project Manager
: +91-9370078917