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Fintelekt provides industry-reviewed, high-quality, practical and cost-effective e-learning courses, which help banks and financial institutions reduce risk, improve staff awareness and drive a culture of risk awareness, in a sustainable manner.

AML/CFT General Awareness

The Fintelekt AML/CFT General Awareness course is an industry-reviewed professional resource developed specifically for front-line and customer facing staff of banks and financial institutions and is aimed to help them to gain the required knowledge about AML/CFT from an educational, regulatory and ethical perspective, as well as to comply with mandatory training guidelines laid down by regulators.

Anti-Fraud General Awareness

Awareness on fraud should be an on-going effort for banks and financial institutions, especially with new fraud typologies being discovered frequently. The Fintelekt Certificate Course in Anti-Fraud General Awareness aims at enhancing the knowledge of the workforce in the area of fraud awareness and prevention.

Fundamentals of Trade Based Money Laundering

One of the most prevalent global money laundering strategies is to exploit the vulnerabilities of cross-border trade via Trade-Based Money Laundering. A common challenge faced by most institutions is the difficulty in conveying continuously to their staff the risks of TBML.

Awareness on TBML should be an on-going effort for financial institutions. Implementing a high quality, yet cost-effective training program across all levels of staff can substantially reduce risks for the institution and help to create a more vigilant workforce.