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Fundamentals of Trade Based Money Laundering

Fintelekt Certificate Course on Fundamentals of Trade Based Money Laundering

One of the most prevalent global money laundering techniques is to exploit the vulnerabilities of cross-border trade via Trade-Based Money Laundering. A common challenge faced by most institutions is the difficulty in conveying continuously to their staff the risks of TBML.

Awareness on TBML should be an on-going effort for financial institutions. Implementing a high quality, yet cost-effective training program across all levels of staff can substantially reduce risks for the institution and help to create a more vigilant workforce.

Learning Objectives
Course Content
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  • Learn the fundamental concepts related to TBML
  • Understand various TBML typologies
  • Learn about red flag indicators and suspicious behaviour that may be experienced when dealing with colleagues and customers
  • Understand the reporting actions to be taken by the individual and the institution
  • Understanding TBML
  • Extent of TBML
  • Regulatory Framework
  • TBML Typologies
  • TBML Prevention & Control Mechanisms
  • Case Studies


Staffs of Compliance / Information Security / Information Technology / Internal Audit / Sales / Customer Service / Cash / Business Banking / SME Banking / Retail Banking / Remittance / Cards / e-banking and Branch Managers / Relationship Managers / Operations Managers and all other frontline staffs.

The Trade Based Money Laundering Course provides a global understanding and is suitable for participants from any country.
This course is available as an annual Enterprise License and can be used to train all employees of the organisation on Fundamentals of TBML.
For pricing and other details, please contact:
Karishma Dattani
Project Manager
: +91-9370078917
  • E-Learning access to the Course Content (Approximate duration: 2 hours)
  • Online Examination

An average learner takes about two hours to read the course material. The examination takes another 30 minutes.

For more information, please connect with:

Karishma Dattani
Project Manager
: +91-9370078917