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Sanctions Updates – December 2019

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An analysis of U.S. OFAC SDN, EU, UK HMT and UN Consolidated Sanctions List

Frequency of list changes, volumes, affected entries and sanctions programs/regimes

The global sanctions landscape is changing rapidly – with direct impacts on business operations. For example, the high frequency of sanctions list changes needs to be reflected in the update cycles of the screening tools in place. Changing list volumes directly affect the hit processing in sanctions screening, either through additions/removals of listed parties or changes of existing entries. Other factors can have impacts as well such as the emergence of new regimes and their focus. This is an extract of the monthly sanctions analysis conducted by

The developments of December 2019 at a glance:

  • In December 2019, the volumes of all four major sanctions lists have increased, with largest growth on the U.S. OFAC SDN List, which now contains over 8.000 entries.
  • The frequency of list changes remained high: The lists have changed 24 times during this period – or about each second calendar day. Highest number of changes: U.S. OFAC SDN List with 13 list changes.
  • 438 sanctioned parties were affected in December 2019, which can be broken down into 167 additions, 231 changes and 40 removed entries.
  • The number of different sanctions programs involved was 34, with emphasis on OFAC programs (26 out of 34).

Check relevance for your screening systems and seek professional advice where needed. This is an extract of the monthly analysis on U.S. OFAC SDN, EU, UK HMT and UN Consolidated Sanctions Lists conducted by 
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